PHP Specifications

Your website’s code is executed in an isolated LXC containter, and it has limitations when it comes to memory and execution time.

Memory limits

By default, the memory is limited to 128MB per request.

Execution timeouts The timeouts follow the these rules:

  • website public pages – 30 seconds
  • wp-admin – 30 seconds, and it can be increased up to 60 seconds with a support request
  • wp-cron – 30 seconds, and it can be increased using set_time_limit(). There is a 15 minutes hard limit, though.

Random script execution

Also note that direct access to .php URLs is forbidden with a few exceptions:

  • /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
  • /index.php
  • /wp-login.php

This is because we only allow WordPress code to be executed and you can find more details about this on our security page.

PHP sessions

The PHP sessions are not supported by our platform. If you need to store session data, you should use transients, or you can try the still undocumented WordPress sessions. The reason we do not support PHP sessions is because they break the cache and pose security issues, which we prefer not to expose your site to. You can read in detail about the risks on the site itself here.

PHP debugging and reporting levels

When a PHP error occurs, a visitor is presented with a page containing a request_id. You can use that to search the error log in the Presslabs Dashboard.