Snapshots section

If you need a database backup or the backup of your media files, you’re just a few clicks away. You can request any backup from the Snapshots section of our Managed Hosting Dashboard.

We offer you the possibility to request a Media Files or a Database snapshot directly from our Managed Hosting Dashboard. If you need a code backup, please check our Development section .

To request a current snapshot of your site, simply press the corresponding button for the snapshot you need (database of media files) and after it was created, you will get a download link. Please note that the Media Files snapshot incorporates all your media files and it can take a while until it gets created.

The snapshots you download from our Managed Hosting Dashboard are extracted from the backups we create using our backup policy and reflect the current situation of your site. If you have just uploaded some images, for example, they might not appear in the snapshot you have just requested, as they might not be saved in our backups yet.

Request Media Files Snapshot

Request Database Snapshot

If you need a custom snapshot, like you only need the last months of your media files or you want an older version of your site’s data, please drop us an email at and we will gladly provide you the snapshot you need.


How can I get a full dump of my site’s data?

You can download snapshots of your site’s database and media files directly from our Managed Hosting Dashboard from the Snapshots section. If you need a custom media snapshot, please drop us an email at .

The code is stored on our git servers and you can easily download an archive from . Simply login with your Managed Hosting Dashboard credentials and download a code archive using the Download this repository button.

Download code archive

What is the difference between snapshots and backups?

A snapshot is the state of your site at a certain moment in time. For example, when you request a snapshot from the Managed Hosting Dashboard, it reflects the state of your site’s files at the moment you requested the snapshot. The backups represent the automatic snapshots performed continuously by our platform.