Billing section

In this section of the Managed Hosting Dashboard, you can view and pay your issued invoices, set up recurring payments, as well as view your billing details.

If you are curious to find out more about how our billing system is build, check our article Meet Silver, Our Billing Tool that Runs Smoothly .


In this tab, you can see all your issued invoices, as well as pay them. Additionally, you have the possibility to download any invoice as a pdf.

You can pay your invoices either through Wire, or using your credit card.

We offer the possibility of recurring payments, which you can enable by pressing the button Set up recurring payments.

Invoices section of the Managed Hosting Dashboard

Recurring Payments

After you enable the recurring payments, your card data will appear in this section, along with the possibility of stopping the recurring payments process.

Set up recurring payments

Billing Info

Here is your billing information. You need to fill in these billing details in order to be able to request a site form our platform.


Please pay attention when filling this form, because once you save the changes, you will not be able to modify them unless you write an email at .

The reason for this is that we need to know if you change your billing details, e.g if you change your address from US to EU, we need to charge VAT, and for that we need to be aware of your change of address.

Your Billing Information


How do I replace my credit card?

To replace your credit card, you need to stop the recurring payments and delete your current card. Then, only when your next invoice will be issued, you can add a new card.