Collaborators section

Bring your team on board! Here you can learn how to add a collaborator to your site and details about the levels of permission available on our dashboard: owners, admins and developers.

Managing Collaborators as a Presslabs User

In the ‘Collaborators’ section, as its name implies, users can view, add, and remove collaborators, depending on the permissions set by the site owner.

The Collaborators Section of the Managed Hosting Dashboard

Existing users can be added as collaborators by entering their guest’s username / email and specifying a role: developer or admin. The upcoming collaborators will receive access and permissions to the Managed Hosting Dashboard, as well as access to external services (such as git repositories) coming up shortly.

From our dashboard you can also send collaboration invites via email to people who don’t have a Presslabs account yet. This is done automatically when submitting an email address that is not registered as an account. Collaboration invites have an expiration period of 2 days and can also be re-sent by any collaborator.

Levels of Permission

Currently there are 3 types of groups (sometimes called ‘roles’) that give access and permissions to users for a site:

  • Owners
  • Admins
  • Developers

The Owners group is not regarded as being part of the Collaborators. Usually, the only person that belongs to this group is the site owner.


Developers have the following permissions:

  • to modify site settings
  • to download and request a site’s backup
  • to view the site’s servers locations
  • to view the sync requests and their status, as well as to create sync requests for a site (as long as they also have access to the source site)
  • to purge or invalidate various types of cache
  • to view other collaborators’ details
  • to view the site’s domain details
  • to view the site’s logs
  • to view the site’s stats and performance metrics.


Admins have all the permissions characteristic for the Developers group, and also the following ones:

  • they can add a user to the Developers group
  • they can remove a user from the Developers group.


The site Owners group has all of the Admin’s permissions, plus the following:

  • add new domains to the site
  • edit existing domains (can only be used to manage CDN and Main Domains)
  • deleting existing domains
  • add a user to the Admins group
  • remove a user from the Admins group
  • create a dev site (there is an API limit of 1 dev site per production site)
  • view and manage the DNS zones section.

The domains can be managed in the domains tab from the Sites section, and the DNS zones can be managed from the DNS zones section.