Update policy

Security starts with clear terms. On this page you can find an overview of our always-updated policy regarding minor & major core versions, as well as plugins and themes upgrades.

How we update core minor versions

These core minor versions are usually security updates. Security is a top priority for us and we do these updates in maximum 24 hours from their release.

How we update major core versions

This is an update we do after at least 2 weeks pass from the version launch. We first test it internally and make sure it works flawlessly on our platform, then we announce the upcoming update on status.presslabs.com , 2 or 3 days prior to the actual update taking place. This gives our customers time to postpone the update for their sites, if they choose to do so for various reasons.

What we upgrade and what we do not upgrade in terms of plugins and themes

We update plugins and themes that have security vulnerabilities as soon as we find out about them to avoid any possible issues. The rest of the plugin and theme updates are done on demand, when the customer requests it.