Managing security certificates

At Presslabs we offer free Let’s encrypt certificates, along with the option of importing your own. Here is a step by step guide on how to manage Security Certificates on our dashboard.


A CSR is a block of encrypted text that contains information about our customer’s organisation, and will be used by the certificate authority to generate the certificate.


Free certificates from Let’s encrypt are automatically generated and added to your domains. Domains with have a Let’s encrypt certificate that cannot be changed — hence, the certificate won’t appear in the dashboard, in the Certificates section.

The Domains Section

You can also change the certificates by simply selecting another one from each dropdown certificate list, as seen above.

How to manually generate a free Let’s encrypt certificate directly from our dashboard

In the Certificates category in our Managed Hosting Dashboard you have an option called Generate CSR:

Generate or Import a certificate

In order to generate a free Let’s encrypt certificate, simply press the Generate button and fill in the form.

The form for generating a new certificate

Now, you have to add this newly purchased certificate to each of your domains, as seen below.

Existing CSRs can be viewed and discarded in the same Certificates section:

Your certificate's details

The section for revoking your certificate


Removing a domain does not remove the associated certificate.

Also, if you want to get a new certificate, you need to press the "+" sign above the domain for which you want to generate the certificate, and you will be redirected to the above mentioned page when you can either generate one, or import one.

How to add a new certificate

How to add a certificate to your domains

In the Domains section of the Sites page of an instance, you can add one of the valid purchased certificates to each of your domains:

How to add a certificate from the Domains section

How to import a custom certificate

In the Certificates section from our Managed Hosting Dashboard, beside the Generate CSR option, you also have the possibility to Import a Certificate, in case you have purchased one from another provider.

To import a custom certificate, simply press the Import button, which will take you to the following form you need to fill:

The form for importing a new certificate