Are you a publisher or a developer?

Here is a walkthrough of the Presslabs docs pages depending on your role on our Managed Hosting Dashboard. This makes it easier for publishers and developers to find their way into the mighty Presslabs docs.

On the Managed Hosting Dashboard we have three levels of permission, frequently addressed as roles. You can read more about this topic in our Collaborators section .

The site owner is usually the publisher, and the developer is the one in charge of improving the site code. Sometimes, the publisher and the developer are one and the same, but most of the time there are two different people, in charge of different things. This is why we thought it would be useful to put together a list of pages of interest in our docs, for publishers and developers alike.

The following links do not include all the materials included in our documentation; it’s only a guide to help you find articles of interest.

Articles of interest for publishers

  1. How to set up a site on our platform, payment related informations and how to contact Presslabs support:

  2. The Stats and Performance related charts of the Managed Hosting Dashboard:

  3. Site Settings regarding Wordpress, Privacy, Protocol, Image Library and RSS Feed:

  4. How to manage the domains and DNS zones of your site—these are of great importance and only the site owner can manage them:

  5. How to add a user to the admin group:

Articles of interest for developers

  1. How to contact our support team:

  2. Important site management sections that can be found in our dashboard:

  3. Important information regarding development matters:

  4. Platform specifications: