Presslabs SEO configurations

Search Engine Optimisation is a significant part of every publisher’s success story. That’s why we have invested time and energy in finding WordPress fixes. Here we exemplify frequent issues that our customers have experienced so far.

Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) is a big part of every publisher’s success. We are therefore very careful in terms of following the latest SEO guidelines in our configuration.

Speed counts in SEO ranking

Among various other ways to determine search results, speed is more and more important. And this is one of our top priorities, serving your site fast, always up, so you can benefit from better ranking in the search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

SEO fixes on our platform

Following various situations with our customers, we’ve implemented a set of fixes on our platform. To name a few:

  • the images URL’s from the sitemaps generated by Yoast SEO plugin are properly re-written with their CDN URL in order to avoid redirects and missed image search results.
  • we’re adding noindex and nofollow in the HTTP parameters for logged-in users in order to make sure private pages and files won’t be visible for search engines
  • all development and tests sites have also noindex and nofollow HTTP headers, together with password protection in order to avoid the chances of duplicate content