Developing on our Presslabs platform is no different than developing on a regular WordPress setup respecting a set of common-sense modern practices.

How to configure your SSH Keys

A step-by-step tutorial on how to generate and set up your SSH Keys in the Managed Hosting Dashboard in order to easily access your site’s source code via the SSH Protocol.

Presslabs development guidelines

Developing on our Presslabs platform is no different than developing on a regular WordPress website if you keep an eye on a few caveats. Make sure you are familiar with software development good practices on distributed systems.

Development Life Cycle

We have detailed all the steps necessary to set up a proper development life cycle on the Presslabs platform, following the well know pipeline development - stage - production.

How to use the DNS manager with various record types

Managing DNS records seems confusing for most users, especially since changing them affects how a website gets accessed. We have put together some practical examples to help our customers better understand how to use them on the Managed Hosting Dashboard.

Git Tutorials

We have put together a set of git tutorials using intuitive git clients, in order to make it as easy as possible for our customers to manage their site’s source code.

Gitea Development

This is a short introduction to our Gitea-based Managed Hosting Dashboard which offers easy to manage repositories through a visual, user-friendly interface. HTTPS and SSH access guaranteed.

Local development

You can locally develop a WordPress site that is hosted at Presslabs by following a few easy steps. This will help you understand how to use Vagrant and the production file structure.

Presslabs Development Essentials

We want to share with you some useful resources you can find in our knowledge base which can help you get through the elementary configuration steps for your Presslabs account.

Site access on Presslabs

Let us introduce you to your site’s access map. See how you can access your site’s files directly in our Managed Hosting Dashboard, e.g. your code repository, database and media files, along with secure wp-admin access.

How to update WordPress for Vagrant usage

This is a common use case when you are running locally a different version of WordPress than the one on your production site. In this case, you need to update the WordPress version accordingly.