Settings section overview

This page covers an overview of the settings page for each site hosted on Presslabs. In this section of our dashboard you can change some important settings of your site and we'll take each of them one by one below.


In this area you can add or remove domains and sub-domains for your site. The selected domain is your site's main domain and all the other domains and sub-domains will redirect permanently (HTTP code 301) to the default domain. Please note that any change in your site's domain (from one domain to another) can seriously affect your site's traffic if it's not done properly. We add by default your naked domain together with the www sub-domain.

CDN Settings

This is the place where you can set the sub-domain used for delivering the static content by our CDN. We usually set cdn as a sub-domain (e.g. unless you have a different sub-domain for delivering static resources. Again use caution if you intend to change the CDN sub-domain of your site, as it might hurt the traffic coming from images search queries. In case you are changing your site's CDN subdomain, you need to flush the page cache for this change to take effect.

Feed Settings

In this area you can choose to redirect all the feeds (not only the front page feeds) from your site to a FeedBurner URL.

HTML Minifier

This setting is used for minifying the HTML for each page of your WordPress site. You can choose to just minify the HTML or to minify the HTML and remove any HTML comments that are found. Please note that this setting doesn't minify inline CSS or JS from your pages and also doesn't touch any CSS or JS files used by your site.

Make sure to Save the changes after any of these settings is adjusted.