Site management

Daily site operations made simple for site owners and developers, in a graphical and accessible way: usage, development, logs, snapshots, cache and more.

Access section

In this section of our Managed Hosting Dashboard you can find guidance to help you access your site’s source code via git, or https, along with the possibility to restrict access to your website.

Cache section overview

Managing the cache for various zones of your site just got easier! Here’s all you need to know to perform basic site management actions, such as refreshing a certain URL’s cache, or purging static resources.

Collaborators section

Bring your team on board! Here you can learn how to add a collaborator to your site and details about the levels of permission available on our dashboard: owners, admins and developers.

Domains section

Here you can learn how to manage your domains. You can now easily add, configure and remove domains and sub-domains, as well as add valid purchase certificates.

Location section

Speed is essential. That’s why we make sure your site is served to your visitors from the closest Presslabs server. Check the list of servers and their physical location that we’re using to run our clients' websites.

Logs section

You can find your site logs displayed on our Managed Hosting Dashboard. Configure your logs settings, search or filter the logs and understand what these logs tell about your webiste’s health.


If you want to continuously improve your site, you need accurate, updated, and comprehensive information. This section of our Managed Hosting Dashboard offers key indicators that help you evaluate your site’s performance and actionable advice on how to boost it.

Settings section

Site management configuration doesn’t have to be troublesome. You can easily adjust your general WordPress settings, choose an image processing library that will be used by PHP, RSS feed settings and many more.

Snapshots section

If you need a database backup or the backup of your media files, you’re just a few clicks away. You can request any backup from the Snapshots section of our Managed Hosting Dashboard.


We provide key indicators that can help you better understand how your site is performing, thus allowing you to make informed decisions to improve it. You can use the data we provide to optimize your site and ultimately increase revenue.

Sync your development site with the production one

It’s easy to sync your development site with the production site to obtain the current setup for continuous development. Just head to our Managed Hosting Dashboard, select the content and hit ‘Sync’.