We provide key indicators that can help you better understand how your site is performing, thus allowing you to make informed decisions to improve it. You can use the data we provide to optimize your site and ultimately increase revenue.

Ajax and Cache

The ajax stats help you make sure that such requests don’t flood the backend of your site and the cache response distribution offers you an overview on how many times your site was served from cache, which means faster.

Bandwidth and CDN

Find out how much bandwidth your site uses and keep an eye on the CDN responses returned by your static files.

Bots and Adblocker

Check out how well your site is being crawled by bots and how many of your users are using ad-blocking extensions, which can have a significant impact on your revenue.

Frontend and Backend

The frontend and backend responses make it easy to monitor the responses received by both the public site visitors and logged in users, to ensure they do not encounter errors when accessing the site.


The most important statistic on our dashboard, it shows the number of pageviews your site has.