If you want to continuously improve your site, you need accurate, updated, and comprehensive information. This section of our Managed Hosting Dashboard offers key indicators that help you evaluate your site’s performance and actionable advice on how to boost it.

Admin Panel

This section features key indicators that can help you monitor the performance of your WordPress Admin Panel and basic guidance to help you improve its performance to enriched your publishing experience.

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Here you will find performance stats for requests that are made via AJAX or the REST API, which can also have a great impact on your site’s speed.

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Here you can check the impact of the scheduled (cron) tasks on your site, in order to make sure they do not affect your site’s performance.

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Public Website

This section features key indicators that can help you better understand how your public site is performing and how you can improve its performance. You can use the data we provide to optimize your site and and ultimately increase revenue.

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